Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jewelry in a New Dimension.

We will be showcasing regularly 3D jewelry designs we are proud to have rendered to life . Enjoy!

 Floral Set
Brief: The client had purchased these stunning ruby stones and wanted to create an organic floral pattern to hug the stone an bring out the color.
Heart Sphere Earring
Brief: This design was drawn by a client who wanted to create a matching earring set for a ring he had already. The stone sizes where provide to create the CAD.
Millgrain Ring
Brief:  With a list of available stone sizes provided with the drawing we created this beaded ring .

Custom Engagement Ring

Brief:  Your Engagement Rings can also be tailored to your taste as this client requested by sending us his style and budget.

3D Jewelers Online can bring your designs to life . 

Send us your sketches with all the details to to receive your quote.   

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