Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who are we?

In the past few years, the jewelry industry was dramatically shaken by the introduction of CAD/ CAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacture) technologies. This revolution in the manufacturing process altered the aspects of jewelry making and lifted it into another dimension.  Now , jewelers are capable of creating their sublime designs with precision and artistic flair while having complete control over the cost of each piece.

For the few who are not familiar with CAD/CAM jewelry process this is how it all goes: 

Suppose a concept for an innovative design comes to your head and you draw a rough sketch  on a piece of paper. 

The next step is to send that 2d sketch with all the details - from dimensions to diamond sizes and shapes even your estimated gold and diamond weight ,if you are on a tight budget- to your 3D CAD jewelry designer.
Using specialized CAD jewelry software (Gemvision's Matrix 3D , Rhinoceros®, JewelCAD...), he will create a complete 3D version of your sketch following your instruction.

A rendered image of the design  will be also produced , showing you the outcome of the model after it goes though production. 

Faults in your design can be spotted directly and any modification can be done to your 3D CAD model . This way you have managed to avoid the waste of time ,not to mention money, of going through production again to correct your jewelry piece.

Once the design is perfected and you are satisfied with its over hole look, the CAD jewelry design is sent to be produced via CAM machines. 
These type of machines vary from CNC engraving machines ( MiniTech, RevoMill...) to RP 3D printers ( Solidscape , Digital Wax..). 
Each machine has its special features , but the result will be an accurate replica of the 3D model in wax or resin plastic which will be cast , polished and set to create an amazing one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Now you may wonder how do I and my team fit in that whole process.

Well we are your 3D Jewelers Online !

Here are gathers a talented team of 3D CAD jewelry designers and artists , offering you their services and expertise in creating your custom jewelry pieces. 
With over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, including 10 years in 3D CAD jewelry design, you are sure to be satisfied with the end piece you are creating. 

Now, everyone of you jewelry creations can come to life . Just send us your sketches now at !

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